Monday, August 29, 2011

Pangea Organics Samples +Free Shipping.

I just bought some Pangea Organics Samples for me to try out and thought I'd share this deal.

They are shipping for FREE until the 30th of Aug.
 Just code the code FREESHIP

The samples are only $0.25 each. 

My total came out to a dollar. 

Can't wait to test these samples out! 

Another promo code is BALM02 for a free lip balm you must spend more than $6 to get this.

I ate non-organic.

So Saturday I was suppose to go out with a friend. I thought we were going to go have dinner together but turns out she had already ate. So I decided to just eat Ramon Noodle because I have tons of it in my cabinet from my non-organic days. Let's just say that was the worst idea ever!!! I ate it, I felt fine then, I still felt hungry but I got over it. I went out with my friend we ate at Allegria (they sell frozen yogurt). I am not sure if it's organic or not honestly. My stomach hated me the next day. I was sick all day!!! Never again will I eat Ramon Noodle or Allegria Frozen Yogurt for that matter.  I am not exactly sure which really upset my stomach but I will take a wild guess that it was the Ramon.

It's funny how quickly my body has adapted to eating healthy, that the one time I ate unhealthy I felt really horrible. I've only been eating organic for about two weeks now. I am pretty impressed that my body learnt so quickly what is bad, when I used to eat this stuff all the time.

I will be more careful from now on.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Organic Beauty

So I recently bought some organic beauty samples for me to try out. I got them from

They are 98% organic!!! How great is that!!! I received my products yesterday and tried them out last night. I am in love. I could tell right away by the smell of the products that they were organic. I showed them to my mom (without telling her it was organic) she asked right away if it was organic after smelling them.

I got the Apple Peel Sensitive & The FREE moisturizer.
 Click Here For Promo

I loved the peel. It was super sensitive to my skin but I felt it got the job done. I had to scrub my face afterwards cuz of all the dead skin. I used the moisturizer right after and I woke up this morning with my face super smooth, hydrated, and pretty! Everything you want for a beauty product.  

Yesterday they starting having another sale so I bought another Apple Peel Sensitive so I could give it to my mom and receive the FULL sized concealer for FREE (it's worth $18)!!! Click Here

What organic beauty products do you use?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Raw Veggies!

So last night for the time in my life I had raw broccoli. I have always hated broccoli! The only times I would like broccoli was in my soup completely boiled to death. I would always know when my mom steamed broccoli cuz the house would get that weird broccoli smell. However, I had never tried them raw. To my surprise raw broccoli is wonderful! It's so crunchy and doesn't have the same taste as it does when it is steamed. I am now in love with raw broccoli.

I read that steaming your veggies is really bad it removes a lot of the nutrients and your body thinks it's a toxic. I can admit to that because I never would eat steamed veggies. I would mostly eat salad and once I started to go organic my mom made me steamed veggies and once I finished eating them I felt this weird tingling in my body. I figured it's because I never eat veggies. The next day I found out about raw veggies and I never felt that tingling sensation again.

On a side note, I bought some organic toothpaste yesterday! whoohoo! It's fluoride & sulfate free. No animal testing and so much more. I really like it so far. I will post more about it later once I've used it more.

Enjoy the day the Lord has made!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I lost weight.

It's only been a week since I've gone organic and stopped eating meat. However, I've already lost an inch off my waist! People have told me I look skinnier. My face looks slimmer. My boyfriend says my skin has more of a glow to it. I don't know if that has anything to do with me going on an Encounter at my church which was super amazing. God is just so awesome!!! I let go of all my bagage. So who knows if it's going organic or letting go of things that use to hurt me. I lost weight.

I also found out I have mercury in my mouth. I found a holistic dentist who removes these mercury fillings safely. The fee for the removals of the mercury fillings range from $198.00 to $324.00. They range in price depending on the size of the filling. So hopefully I can get this poison removed as quickly as possible. 

Today I purchased some organic beauty products. Mainly because they were giving out a special offer
I got an apple peel for only $5! plus the free gift and two more samples! The whole thing came out to $11 with shipping and tax. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Organic Living

I recently watched WAY too much documentaries about where our food comes from. I did lots of research and decided to make a change in my life. I'm switching to 100% organic. I know nothing about organic living. I am completely new at this and wanted to document my change.

I decided to fast meat for awhile since I'm having a hard time finding organic 100% meat locally. I noticed that once I gave up meat I feel much energized. I don't feel tired after my meals like I used to. This is just a temporary change but I feel like it's a good one. I think maybe I won't eat meat as much as I used to. Apparently people weren't meant to eat meat because of the way our digestive system works. I will still eat meat but probably not everyday.

I also noticed that organic food tastes much better than non-organic food. It's no wonder you pay more for it.

The Future of Food
Free on hulu

Food Inc = This movie talks about meat. I couldn't eat my chicken after I watched this.
Available on Netflix

King Corn = A documentary about two guys who decided they wanted to grow corn.
I don't think they knew it was GMO

Free on hulu =

Food Matters = Talks about eating raw organic veggies
Available on Netflix

Canola Oil =

Shopper's Guide for NON-GMO =
I wouldn't follow the meat guide is you really want the healthy meat.

I recently learned that the microwave is bad =

Friday, April 9, 2010

Periodic Table of Typefaces

Typography is a designer's best friend or their worst enemy if used incorrectly. However, we are lucky enough to have the Periodic Table of Typefaces!

A great tool I just happened to stumbled upon. It comes very handy when clients want to "choose" their own typefaces. However, little do they know, my imac contains over 1,000 different fonts. This is a neat little tool for when you just can't remember what that typeface was called. For beginners this is a wonderful tool for learning the most popular fonts. There are some fonts here I could definitely go without but overall I think it's a useful design.